We live a Lie, but Here is the Truth – Arayah Speaks about the World you live in

We live a Lie, but Here is the Truth – Arayah Speaks about the World you live in

This track is all about the world that we live in, how corrupt it is, and the solutions. Arayah seeks to make clear some major untold truth about the system of control over the world, as well as gives some insight into how we can fix this messed up world we live in.

Do you want to hear someone talk about major issues in a way that is unique and will make you question the very fabric of your reality? Then listen.

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Peace, Salam, Shalam and Blessings.

All Praise Be to The Most High Almighty – Allah or Yahawah

All praise and glory to the Most High, who doesn’t require religion or social influence to impart wisdom, nor does He make things hard for those that are truly dedicated.

This day, this hour, this very minute, I complete my fast of 40 days, completely dedicated to the Most High. I pray it was accepted.

I invite each one of you to try fasting, not eating or drinking from break of day to the weening of the light at the end, while constantly seeking reminders of why you should be grateful for living and why you should ALWAYS care for the needy, hungry, destitute, orphan, widow, and wayfarer.

The Main Issues Facing Black America – Identity

I think the reason this whole situation happened is because they FORGOT what they were to do, who they were to serve, and how that was suppose to be done. They lost the wisdom that came with truly knowing. How could they have been in tune with nature, if they were not in tune with the Creator of that Nature? Clearly, at this time (before coming by ship with chains around their necks – Deuteronomy 28) they were being heathen, thus when the promise of inequity came, they were rounded up and taken by ships because of their heinous actions and because they were lost due a lack of knowledge. Thus, we are here today, still worshiping “Jesus”, which was taught to us my oppressors. But even before that, they were worshipping other gods, practicing the pre-dates of voodoo, and conducting themselves against the law of their heritage. We know that the righteous would not have been punished if they had continued to turn to Yah. They were wrong, plain and simple.

The spirit of those heathen lives within the hearts and minds of most of our people today. It’s sad and true, but it is the Truth. And until they turn back from this open idolatry, calling it righteous and holy, killing their children, seeking the attention of their other lowly gods (money/ government/religions) they will continue to be oppressed. This is the hard fact that no one wants to talk about. And that stems from not knowing who they are, because they would rather be “niggas” than Israelites. They would rather make money than change the world.

So they continue seeking the pleasure of the world, and money and vanity, in order to fill the gap in their hearts that makes sure they know that they, YES ALL OF THEM, are in a destitute situation that literally means nothing. Their lives are pointless, they do not enjoy the joy of life, and that is because they refuse to recognize that the joy of life comes from the All Power that Created everything in existence.

And they pray to “Jesus”, not knowing his real name, or his real mission, which was to warn them not to do the very same things that they are doing. But……… they would rather follow what the Christians say, who are pagans, and base their logic on Catholism, which is the foundation of the global slavery system. They don’t know that the names that they call themselves are the mark of the beast, nor do they know that the sur names they are called are constant reminders to EXACTLY what they harness in their hearts….. deceit.

They are the scattered bones, the Valley of lost ones, the forgotten and down trodden, who would rather whore around in falsehood, when the promise of truth only takes one second to choose.


You say “No Justice, No Peace”? Nay. There will be no Peace and no Justice for you, until you STOP doing what you are doing, and start realizing just who and what you are. YOU are your own problem, and your own enemy, and WE all deserve exactly what has and will continue to happen until the wake up occurs. You can’t ask men and women to give you what the Most High has taken from you, and democracy wasn’t made for you. Neither was this crumbling financial system, nor was the idea of society that you live in.

You have only ONE choice, but you refuse to see it.

But it is written that few, yes very few will have their eyes and hearts open when the promise of destruction comes, and that time is SO near.

Who will be supporters in Truth? I’ll wait and see.

Tear it Apart

Stop trying to take away what a person has a right to, a right NOT granted by men or government.

Stop trying to create more laws that take away a person right to live as they please, by forcing them at the barrel of a gun to do as you want them to do.

Stop trying to create more ways that a person has to give their power over to corrupt criminals that call themselves politicians, and stop voting for the lesser of two evils because you personally benefit from that corruption.

Start fixing the condition of the world that makes people feel so helpless that they react in violence, and be a beacon of light that does as they say others should do..

Start tearing down the old traditions of locking up anyone who doesn’t agree with the majority rule, and stop threatening them with jail and servitude for not following suit.

Start standing up in Unity against global oppression at the hands of those that truly want dominance and control.

We are responsible. We must create the world that we want to live in. We must, with certainty, institute natural law and the golden rule if we are to be saved from ourselves.

Looking for Answers, Finding Through Questions

Remember, you can never find an answer if you don’t first question. Questioning is the first step to knowledge. If you accept what the world tells you is true, and never question, then you are nothing but a slave to the people, and not to Yah/Allah – The Truth.

You have to destroy everything that you have been taught, in order to discover the Truth laying in the rubble at your feet.

Anyone that tells you that you are wrong for questioning, is secretly afraid that you will find something out that will make them uncomfortable. They are only seeking to protect their world view, thus they seek to feel comfortable in their current mainframe. That is why people kill the prophets and messengers, why righteous people are hated, and why those who walk the walk are despised. We bring light to a dark world where people are more afraid of not making others happy, than they are of Yahawah, thus they have taken men, religion, and governments, and money as their gods, and no longer serve the Most High Almighty.

I don’t have faith, I have knowledge and certainty. Faith is something you have when you want something to be true, but when you have no witnessing of it, proof. I have a witnessing and surety. I don’t need the acceptance of those that don’t see what I see to have confidence in it, nor am I concerned for them. My actions, my knowing, and my dedications are for me to be rewarded or punished for, and I answer to no man, nor will I accept any other’s responsibility.

Seek, and it will be given. Open your eyes and you will see it all around you. Trust in what is given to you as gifts, and the gifts will be unwrapped unto you.

You have to question everything. Everything. Our history has gaps that are not explained, whether it is because of the fear of what would happen if people were to find out, or it is because we are too stuck in our ways to rethink our world view.

All of the ancient cultures were connected, just as we are now, and something catastrophic happened to them.

Now ask yourself this. If the people of the past somehow invited calamity, and we don’t know why, and we don’t seek why, are we just as susceptible to end our existence in the same ways? Other than our boasting confidence in our ability to create and innovate, what promise of a valuable future do we have?

Are you a Part of the Problem?

A government person has said that “What happened last night was an assault on the very fabric of society”. Great. What many of you people are falling to see is that the fabric of society that you have laid down, is no longer even remotely accepted by the oppressed of that society, as your foundation is based on the killing, torture, and oppression of many groups for the promotion of one. Thus, it has to be reiterated that until the system is completely changed, destroyed, you will see it assaulted openly, and progressively, until the assaulters are united with a spectacular goal. The systems destruction for the promotion of Peace. 

The system is, by every definition imaginable, an abomination, corruption of truth, and an assertion of folly. Benevolent, Wise, and Knowledgable people do not love it, the Just hate it, and the Warriors are preparing for battle against it.

This is unfortunate to all of you who want to go to work, pay your taxes, and relax in front of your Tell-lie-visions.

What don’t you understand? Just because you are the beneficiary of corruption, doesn’t make that corruption “good”. It makes you evil for accepting it. And saying “I haven’t done anything against anyone else” is not true, as the very existence of your benefits in this corrupt system is based on inheritance and privilege.

So, when the buildings shake, the ground cracks, and the blood is poured out in the streets, don’t then ask “God” to save you, because you have constantly ignored his invitation to return to his ways. You have assaulted the world with your insolence, you have not paid attention to the natural order of creation, and you have invited the judgement from that which brings forth retribution.

This will only sound like a person speaking in code, if you yourself are part of the problem. So if that be the case, you have a lot to consider.

#Alllivesmatter bullshit

If lives matter, in general, then the system in place will have to be destroyed. If not, then nothing will get better, and will get worse in a very very short while.

The national rhetoric is only freightening to those that benefit from the current structure. To others, the national rhetoric is a promise of destruction of evil. Yes, police officers represent protection for some, but they represent oppression to others, and that is not something that is going to change with flowery speeches of peace, and strong words from police officers. As a matter of fact, both types of speech would push the situation to a critical point. 

Do I condone killing of anyone out of justice? Absolutely not. But Mainstream America is more interested in saving face and continuing to maintain it idea of supremacy, than truly having a just and valiant society. This only makes those Just and Valiant persons that want change more aggitated and ready to draw a line in the sand.

People desire that the ROOT of the problem get solved, and sadly government itself, the interest of power and the control of people, IS the root of the problem, and sadly police officers are the lowest level of that power structure and will be the first to experience the fire from the mouths of those seeking a New System.

No Justice, No Peace – No Shit

Stop saying “No Justice, No Peace”! The bringer of Justice is also the bringer of Peace.

So if you are suffering Injustice, then you should also take away your peace, and move that level of interest from idle wait for something to change for you, into the preparation to act on your own soul’s cry for justice.

You deserve what you accept. If you accept injustice then you deserve it. If you are calling for peace when people are dying, then you are a weak soul incapable of attaining peace for yourself. 

Peace is born out of struggle against evil. Peace comes to those that are wise enough to know what it is. No amount of legislation, law, or rulers is going to bring peace to a nation of people that don’t have peace in their hearts.

Thus is the current state of affairs, and my words of judgement will sound like venom to the eyes and ears of you who are corrupted by the promise of Peace from evil people, NONE of us deserves peace or justice. We do not serve Truth, and we are therefore being stricken by a system that we call “good”, which is evil.

We now see, good is called bad, bad is called good, the knowledgable are called fools, and fools are celebrated.

Make no stink about it, you have been at war your entire life, but your adversary is trained and has trained you not to recognize your own destruction. I’m thinking that the only solution is to this awful world is the revolution promised to the meek.

Once you people all figure out who you are, the jig is up, and the response of retribution will be in full swing.

Sadly, too many want the benefits of deceit. Too many want power over others. Too many want material gain. Too many want comfort at the destruction of true Freedom.

True Voter Frauds

If you vote for a person because they give you some benefit, they make people do what you think people should do, or because you want another group of people not to have power, you are a fool.

To do so, is open admission that the system is broken and not for all people.

Just as you can take something from one and give it away, so too can you have things taken from you.

And you vote for it.