The Journal of Teddy Galloway – Welcome :)


I live to make the world a better place – I do that by empowering people to follow their passions, by encouraging equality, and by expressing hope in all humanity – I act on my faith that by writing, creating opportunities in business, by developing lasting relationships in my communities, and by speaking with passion and intensity.

I am on a journey of discovering myself everyday. From being a football player in high school, to being a Marine, to travel and adventures, through heartache and pain, and through successes as a writer, entrepreneur, and speaker, I learn and grow more appreciative with life everyday! From the very core of my existence, whatever this thing is, I truly truly love the experience of living and feel an immense gratitude for having the gift to have lived. So far, I have truly lived, and will continue to live! And that is why I am writing this blog. I want to keep track of all of my adventures in life and want to share the journey with others.

I have had this site for some number of years, but I have recently decided to change the look, purpose, and style of it. So welcome to a new and improved blog!

I hope that all of you who follow will stay up to date and interact with me. I need some company on this journey of mine. I want you to be a part of it.

For Professional and A Different Spin on my life – www.CharlesGallowayIII.Com

For My Money Maker,

For My Business In the WMD Field – www.ResponseProfessional.Com

With respect and appreciation,

Teddy G.


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