A desperate plea from an Israeli Jew


Free Palestine

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“My name is Eran Efrati, I am Jewish, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, and a 7th generation Jerusalemite.

What I’ve seen in Israel over the last few weeks is beyond anything I have witnessed in my life.

Gaza under attack, July 2104                                Gaza under Israeli attack, July 2014.  Photo: The Times, UK.

I’ve seen terrified Palestinian children in Hebron and Halhul, sitting on the ruins of their homes.

I’ve seen Israeli mobs in the street chanting “death to Arabs” and pulling out Palestinian men from their stores to beat them as other Israelis stood idly by. I’ve seen Israeli soldiers lined up at the Gaza border, ready at a moment’s notice to invade.

And now, like you, I’ve seen the climbing death toll in Gaza, over 100 dead and some 500 injured – all by Israeli missiles, with no end in sight.

As much as it…

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The Truth About Israel and Palestine – It’s a Whole World of Fault

Allow me to clarify for you some:

I have never said any of this out loud, but let me tell you the truth of the world as you see it. Let me offer you a different one.

The world as you know it is false and is an illusion. Even as you sit in your chair and work and read and live, there are mechanisms of control that are in play. What I am going to introduce to you will shock you, or not, but this on ONLY ONE way that the world system works.

Let’s look at what is happening to Palestine by the hands of a country called Israel.

Israel is a country on the map. Israel is also a heritage of a people of Jacob. Israel is also an ideal, unrealized where there is a land and a city called Jerusalem. Jerusalem means “Land of Peace”. The Jerusalem of today is not the land of peace, though it is believed by many that when the Children of Israel return to their lands that peace would settle there. The place is suppose to be a meeting place for the world, a place of safe passage and harbor.

Now that you know that, let me continue. If there is no peace, how could this thought be true. There is a reason.

Children of Israel refers to the progeny of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are not said to have any religion, as per the Quran, but to uphold The Torah. Thus they are also referred to in oft repeated versus as having been punished for what they had done of the Past. Dually they are said that they will also accept the Quran. Since they accept the Quran, they also accept that many will receive the blessings on belief through righteous action and Faith in the All-mighty.

Jews are the people who follow Judaism. They are not the progeny of those stated before. They follow a religion, and are warned in the Quran that they are doing wrong in many ways. They will not accept the Quran and they see themselves as the only paradise receivers. Amongst them are some who are righteous and are not of the same mindset as the others. Though they say they follow the Torah, they also follow “Oral traditions” which change the word of God, but they say it is from God, while they are wrong.

Zionism is a political movement, who associate the entitlement of the lands of Israel to a birthright of religion. They are exporters of racial segregation and falsehood, promoting a view of superiority. Their actions only suggest their desire for power. Zionism is political only, as it is not concerned with spiritual principles, though it is loosely tied to an identity based ONLY on a faith-based system. Zionism doesn’t promote the Torah or God at all, but claims that Jews are “God’s Chosen People”.

With all that said, the Arabs and the American Government, along with European governments are the reason why this farce continues. It is a perfect storm of non-sense.

It works like this:

Arab Muslims control the region of the Middle East, and with that they promote a religion of Islam that is based on the Qur’an and Oral tradition, and the mix of their culture and tradition. It is the oral tradition that convoluted the truth, and it is the long line of Imams and Scholars that hold this fairy tale in their minds and teach the masses. However so, those in the west and even the none educated non-readers of their religion don’t truly ponder over the Qur’an. Thus they cannot see the truths that I am going to show you here. Unlike those that advocate the Qur’an alone approach, which is non-religious at its core, the traditional “Muslims” of Arabia promote the narrative that the Jews are the children of Israel, thus they allow them to inhabit that land for fear of the retribution of God. It is thus that they take no action because their societal narrative warns them that the “Children of Israel” will be protect by God himself, though they have been foretold of the fault of those called “Jews” in that region. So it goes, that they confuse a religion for a heritage, although the Qur’an gives complete awareness to this issue. Those of the religious elites amongst the religions of Islam are part of the problem because they hold a false ideal which promotes a lack of action.

They are fearful of not have favor with God, and they are worried that a war would ensue from the hands of the west, and that their money will be stopped, and their control of their people will fail. That’s why they are all rentier states.

The United State’s and European government both claim to be independent parties. A closer look at the political motivations in support of Israel is the idea that God, again, protects the Children of Israel. They do this because in the mythology of Christianity God will help the supporters of Israel. I caveat that with this; In the Gospel of Jesus, he informs the multitude that he was to go to the Children of Israel in order to correct their ways, and in that time many of them followed him, and many of them didn’t. Those that didn’t were the Pharisees and other elites because they have follow that “Oral Tradition” that I mentioned before. Thus, they were not the Children of Israel, but were practicing Jews. The followers of the Torah and the Gospel were the corrected path Children of Israel. The message got out, of course, and the “Gentiles” (another topic) were delivered the bastardized message of Jesus, Son of Mary, and turned him into a deity of sorts. Thus became the Christian Religion, and soon after the Nicene Creed and the Church of Rome. The rest is history.

The United States and Europe continue that legacy, as the governments are tied to the Church of England or the Church of Rome, both of which hold this mythology to be true. What is the Mythology? That the Jews, are the Children of Israel per the promotion of Paul. They claim to have no tie to religion in their politics, but they are liars. They also claim to separate their corporations from their governance, and again, they are liars. They have to control the economy in order to continue to show their value, to rake in those billions, and in order to continue to bride God by helping “The chosen Ones”.

They are in for a big surprise, because those Jews are not the Children of Israel. I suspect that they know this already, and always have, so they are promoting this idea in order to alleviate the minds of the Christians in their country. Those Poor layman don’t even know the beast that they are supporting.

Zionism was promoted after the WWII, and was a political response of the Church to provide safe passage to the Jews that were practicing. They believed, the governments and religion elites, that they would hold their hegemony if they continued to support the “Jews”, even if they would suffer. That is why the money gets pumped into the lands of Israel. That is why the Palestinians suffer. It is because all of the Elites of the West want to remain powerful and want to remain in control. It all boils down to hypocrisy, mythology, greed, and superstition. They believe that God is a man in the sky that gives wealth and power to people who pay a tax to Him. They seek to bride God with their actions. They believe that all they have do is just keep helping the Jews and eventually God will end all the issues.

It is all an illusion. It is magic. The have you look to one place and pull the clothe over your eyes. They don’t want you to know philosophy, history, spirituality.They don’t want you to truly be righteous and gifted. They want you to please your sex organs and please your dancing feet in order to forget the ails of the world. They encourage the future among you to do drugs through advertisements, so that you will sleep and party most of your powerful years away! They have all of these interjected “Oral Traditions” into your mind,in order to control you through religion, because religion is a control mechanism of the mind. They don’t want you to know the truth of the All-Mighty. They don’t want you to know the secrets of the world. And when you discover them, they want you to use them in order to make more money to continue to promote their system. The whole game is rigged for you to be a consumer of products and lies. That is why the words of God have been changed as well. They interject small and hidden falsehoods that appear logical, in order to misguide you from the path. When they can’t do it in the book, they do it in the Temples and Churches. Truly, the temple of you worship is your physical body, and you are that conscious that soul. They don’t want you to read the scriptures, because if you are educated about the word of God, then you will see them for what they have done and you will revolt. They don’t want a revolt, because that threatens their power, and you are more profitable as a stupid slave going to work, than you are in the street protesting and stopping the tax payment that makes the whole Illusion work. They don’t want to have to control the cattle of their prosperity, that is far too messy and difficult. There are too many of you.

I am not advocating the elimination of the Jewish faith, and I am not advocating worldwide destruction. I am advocating the end of hatred by the other for their differences. I am advocating education and I am advocating that each Conscious citizen of the world wake up to the reality of the Illusion and stop supporting it. It is truly your consumption of goods, your entertainment through sport and music, your fascination with sex and drugs, that is continuing to produce the conditions of destruction in the world.

Imagine if everyone picked up their Quran, their Torah, and the words of Jesus the Christ and got rid of all the non-sense! Imagine the perfect blend of Un-dogmatic belief in the unseen forces in our nature, in conjunction with science that illuminates our confusion of perception. Imagine if there was a world where people could read scripture without being dogmatic and falsely religious.

Religion is inherently socially constructed with rules, indoctrination, and an institution. If they get a group of you to follow the falsehood, then you will do the recruiting for them. You have. Belief is inherently personal, with actions, and thought, and personal striving. If they allow you to have free thought, others will see your success and they will desire it too. Imagine a world where these “Believers!!!!!”, those who harness the power of personal beliefs, actually had say in their world view. We do! Sadly too many of us have drank the juice of ignorance.

We are shameful, unappreciative of life, and forgetful of our humanity. That is what is happening to our brothers and sisters all over the world. That is why children are picking up bread off the ground in order to make dirt and bread and water soup! That is why the streets of Detroit are barren. It is why the Jails are filled with non-violent offenders. It is why children are being raped in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is why you have have the wholesale slaughter of communities! That is why the wars are fought and the Troops are dying! It is not about oil. It is not about money even. It is about control! It is about people telling you WHO God is and not WHAT God is. it is the halting of true pursuit of knowledge, and the mills of certifications that allow you to work. It is because people are telling you that you cannot believe without following one of their numbered religions. It is because we as the West are materialistic and have no conscience in order to see how our buying/selling apparatus is killing children all over the world and on every continent. It is because we are so worried about affording drugs to help us forget our petty problems, that we are willing to abort our unborn children, though they are the CHANGE we need. It is because we have absolutely no love and compassion.

I challenge the whole world to wake up.


Your Opinion of Me :)

Would I be who I am, if I worried about your opinion of me?

I would love you no less even if you strongly disagree.

No Weed knows the language of a tree.

No Fly knows the language of the bee.

The 6 Aspects of Life & The Flower of Life – Generation Y-not


For my book I needed to create a diagram that shows the main connections in our lives and how we are all connected to each other in a multitude of ways. I believe that all the new agers and all of the “illuminati” worriers have got it all wrong. I also believe that this diagram shows how the micro connections and the macro connections of energy are seen in our human interactions as well. This is the first diagram that I have seen that can give imagery on how we are bond together in community, and how each persons life creates a web of activity, and that we are all connected like an imaginary blanket in our psyche.


The two main pictures show how we are connected through the 6 aspects. The last one shows how all of us are connected. These connection and this drawing can be taken to infiniti, just as our connection to each other goes into the past and future and is pervasive in the present. Our Creator did create for us this world.

We, the USA have lost our humanity and minds.

When dealing with this, let’s keep one thing perfectly clear. What you as a person want, is probably what someone/everyone else wants. We are geared in this way and are given right and privileges by our Creator, and no man can ever take those things away without violating a sacred trust. This is the basis of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. This is why our country started off so great and why we still have the promise of tomorrow. The basis of this argument is that You Control Yourself, and presupposes that you and only you can determine your actions and the responsibility of those actions are on you alone. With that stated, and in combination of one of the most glorious of lessons ever taught to us, by Jesus actually, and copious men throughout the ages, old and new. The golden rule. Do unto others, as you want done unto you. This is the true power of love and empathy, of which we Americans have lost. How did we lose it? We see ourselves and our interest as greater to those of the rest of the world. We collectively, have internalized the sickness of the devils throughout history, who put themselves and their lives as elevated over others. Our military should be focused on defense of our borders, not enforcement of our ideals. If others have an ideal that they want to explore, it is not our jobs to help them, or change them, or enforce them. Our job is to protect the people of our country, just incase one of these fuck-bags ever comes to our shores and try to change us.

The military goes over to other places in order to fight wars, started because we cannot diplomatically force our will without guns. We need oil because we have an addiction. We need power in order to feed our egos. We need materials in order to feed our greed. We need something to unite us so that those in power over us have a blaming point that is not them. We are being controlled and manipulated in order to serve someone else’s needs. We are called patriots, but we are treated as slaves. Sadly this is something that every vet knows, which is the cause of our PTSD and other types of depression. We try to hide it, but we know the truth. We have to medicate ourselves in order to deal with our cognitive dissonance. Like in the game of Chess, some pawns have to be taken out in order to achieve an ultimate goal. Unfortunately, pawn cannot have minds and have to be lulled to sleep with nationalism and patriotism in order to be effective at killing and harming people that have more in common with them, then those politicians.

My brothers are dying because of our greed, materialism, power hungry, and addictive culture. We are a sad occurrence as a country and honestly a revolution is literally around the corner. All it will take is ONE small disaster to wake people up from their dependence.

We are addicted to our daddy government, and we all know, but we are asleep behind the wheel.

Ah, but you see, you are in the position of most Americans. Patriotic without knowledge. Most of the people who agree with my stance are military vets. We’ve seen first or second hand how we have nationally destroyed the world. If you don’t want troops to get killed then we have to solve the main issue. Our minds.

Let’s look at it.

The military goes over to other places in order to fight wars, started because we cannot diplomatically force our will without guns. We need oil because we have an addiction. We need power in order to feed our egos. We need materials in order to feed our greed. We need something to unite us so that those in power over us have a blaming point that is not them. We are being controlled and manipulated in order to serve someone else’s needs. We are called patriots, but we are treated as slaves. Sadly this is something that every vet knows, which is the cause of our PTSD and other types of depression. We try to hide it, but we know the truth. We have to medicate ourselves in order to deal with our cognitive dissonance. Like in the game of Chess, some pawns have to be taken out in order to achieve an ultimate goal. Unfortunately, pawns cannot have minds and have to be lulled to sleep with nationalism and patriotism in order to be effective at killing and harming people that have more in common with them, then those politicians.

When an enemy comes into your house and threatens your family and loved ones, your property, or your life, then you should fight. If we go into their homes and do this, we deserve to be fought and die as well.

Currently we have the opinion that a “Great offense is the best defense”, but in order to deal like that we have to dehumanize others. we have to call them animals and snakes so that we can invade their homes. We have to make them less than us, in order to take their resources. This is slavery all over again, but the difference is that now the slaves and stay home and we go their and ship their resources and livelihood to us so we don’t have to see the destruction. This way we can pretend we are not animals and we can raise our kids to ignore the obvious.

We fought against the british for doing what we are doing to Iraq and Afghanistan. We fought the French for what we are doing to Syria and other countries. We have turned into a Mobb.

Sadly, we too are slaves to ideal called a flag, but we don’t know the definition of freedom or liberty. I could prove this by going to the street and asking.

The golden rule is still God’s rule for human interaction. Now that we have violated it, we have to repent of our ways, which means we have to stop what we are doing and reverse the course. If we don’t, we will be extremely sorry. That time is right around the corner.

We have lost our humanity as a country, and we celebrate our legacy like fools.

We are a Lost Society, Wake up

The problem with us today is that we trade fresh air for plasticware. That is not because of any system, it is due to a horrible human condition, a sickness. We have come to think that we are the Rulers of the Planet, without realizing that we come from it, grow from it, live off it, die on it, and will return to it. We are the planet and what we do it, we do to ourselves.

We must associate the problem, with the outcome, instead of associating a system with an outcome. Capitalism is not the problem, human nature is not the problem, but it is our modern value system that is the problem. We gladly trade mountains for Ipads. We trade Waterways for roadways. We trade happiness for money in the bank. Any system that reinforces the mindset of destruction will end in destruction for those that harness that view.

From the first moment in history, where one group of people decided that “their way” was the right way, and that all others should perish, the virus of destruction was unleashed. I promise you this: If we don’t stop thinking of ourselves as better than our fellow planetary inhabitants, we will die disgraced and they will live better without us. The Earth does not need us to prosper, we need it. If we are to be stewards of Earth, then we will have to let her be. We have to learn to adapt to our Earth home, rather than destroy wide areas because we feel the need to make space for us. Our Superiority complex is a deadly complex. No man is better than any other man, and no human is better than any other species. We only think we are “better” because we have tools that allow us to build and grow. Have you ever considered that our need for tools to grow in this Earth is actually a weakness, when every other creature on the planet uses their natural tools to live in a harmonious way. Our skyscrapers do not make us gods, and our homes are not permanent dwellings. Everything that we build turns to dust, just as we do.

What legacy, if any, do you want to leave for your children? Do you want them to face annihilation, while you know it is coming? Are you willing to put their lives on the line because of your fanciful notion of superiority of land and water? Do you really think that there is a future for you progeny when there is no home to grow from and live off?

Change or perish, like all of the dynasties and cultures of the past, that when they were faced with annihilation or change, they made no effort to correct there ways. Every mighty culture and community is gone, and we have their legacy, yet we never learn. We are a species that is profoundly unappreciative and forgetful of the lessons that we have learned.

Just as surely as we will individually pass away from this life, our culture too will die if it cannot adapt to a change in circumstances by changing our way of living, through changing our way of thinking. What you reap you sow, that’s how it goes, and we are going down, as anyone can see.

When? I don’t know, that knowledge is not for men. How? Again, I am not all knowledgable. Where will we see this? As the saying goes, “The revolution will not be televised”, because there will be no one able to watch it when it goes down.

I am just a man like you, who see the signs and rather than be silent, takes a stand and desires a better tomorrow. I am not special, but I give a plain warning that anyone else could. I can see the same things that anyone else can, if he wants to.

Peace and Blessings. :)

Generation Y-not: Preface – Y-not Challenge Ourselves


Y-not Challenge Ourselves


There is a problem with a system that doesn’t educate each person equally about the power within. As it turns out,even those from privilege have lost the basic building blocks that would allow them to replicate their HONEST forefathers’ deeds. So how could we have developed into a world of peace and prosperity without even knowing how to be successes in our own right? The same concepts that will lead a man or woman to success in the current world paradigm are the same principles, albeit applied in a different way, which could bring the world into the light. Here we are, a generation of hopeful youngsters, that don’t know where they are heading or which path to take, nor have we been educated in the way of successes. We have been passed through education mills, instructed how to be good workers and caretakers of a failing system, but we have not been instructed in critical thinking.


There is, here and now, an amazing opportunity for our generation to succeed in changing the future of our children and our future progeny. I am going to ask you today to stand by me, to stand by others that want to change the world for the better. Support each other, all of those that express the desire to change the world’s condition, in order to motivate your community and your family to act in accordance to the good nature that is in our hearts. I am seeking to bring us together on a voyage out of the darkness and into the light that is peace of heart and mind.


We live in a world where we may seethe good and the bad, based on what we choose to see. We can look on theInternet for positivity or at negativity. We can see the truth of life and the process of living, as well as death and the process of destruction. The great wheel of our lives continues to turn, giving us more evidence that we are part of it and that we grew from it. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, our generation has risen to a turning point in history. We awake in the night,startled by the sound of bombs being dropped on our families, or the phone call about the death of our brothers. We awake to the sound of politicians giving speeches riddled with slogans, and to the hypocrisy of the calls to go to war in foreign countries. Likewise, we watch videos online about helping others,about laughing babies, and about movements of potential in the world. We are dazed and confused about which drum rhythm to beat. Should we stand in patriotism, nationalism, no matter how much we detest the choices of our leadership, or should we march in our hopes to change the wrongs that we see in the world? Should we blindly march to the voice of leadership, though we have no interest in the world that they are building? Shall we seek a better way, a middle way, between our self- interests and the interest of the rest of the world to live as they please?


We have become awakened; have opened our eyes to a crossroad in the road to tomorrow. We are at a great fork in a road, one that opens up to two distinct paths, both of which our ancestors and parents have not seen in our written history. The paths in front of us are two great paths shrouded in a fog, both leading into uncharted territory. We are going to march proudly into the world of peace, where our generation has finally assembled the correct building blocks that allows us to build a harmonious existence. We could also chose to accept the way the world is, and feed it with our decisions, and be the generation that suffers at it’s own hands the tribulation that our cultural histories have led us to believe is inevitable.  This miserable fate doesn’t have to come to fruition.


With absolute certainty in our passion and commitment to a better future and hope in our shared commitment, I want to begin writing this book; in order to change the course of human history through the shear will of our entire generation. I know that we have it within ourselves the drive and desire to correct the path and course of our world, by changing the focus of our endeavors, and by reassessing the values that we all hold dear. The purpose of this book is to allow our generation, Generation Y,to understand that we have the power to control our actions, therefore our future outcomes.


When we look around us, we see a mix of cultural and societal advertisements that tells us a story of aggression and poverty. Every city in the U.S., and most in the world, is littered with our fellow man, those homeless and in need of our attention, which in many way shave been forced there by a society hell-bent on war and destruction. We are eating food that is poison to our bodies, while we are searching for solutions to the health problems that we face. We are ingesting toxins that we pump into our municipal water supplies, and breathe in the air waste from all of the vehicles that we drive to jobs that we despise. We work for other men, with different value systems and goals than ourselves, who see the world as an adversary;therefore they constantly strive to destroy her in his process to control his life and ours. I believe that if presented with another option, that we would choose a more decent path.


To say that we are slaves to our ideals, those taught to us from our lineages, is an understatement. I want you all to know, however, that OUR children are going to be the inheritors of our world after us, and WE should all be focused on making sure that our future,and their future, is brighter than the present world we live in. Our parents walked the journey to the present, not realizing the effects that their world views and philosophies would have on our future. We have the blessing of seeing their mistakes, of knowing their history, and of seeing the fruits that fell from theCrap-Tree that they left us.


Do we have to live another full generation seeing the effects of wars on our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world? Do we have to live another 10 years of worrying about terrorist attacks and listening to corrupt politicians promising us things with fingers crossed behind their backs? Do we really truly have to wait until our children are born to feel the pressure of guilt? Why have we inherited a world and a philosophy that ensures not only our destruction, but also the destruction of our society and possibly our species?


We live in the most technologically advanced time in history. What took our parents 40 years to learn, we can assimilate mentally in 2 years. What took the mailman 2 weeks to deliver, now takes our electronics parts of seconds to send across the globe. The amount of wonderful people that we can share our ideas with is amazing, considering that just 20 years ago the world seemed like a huge and foreign place.


I think that we are the first generation that will finally make the turn towards a better ideal, not just in words and speech, but also in action. I truly believe in our courage,dedication, and perseverance in our assembly of the best of our ideas that will revolutionize how we treat each other and how we deal with one another on a daily basis. Many of us are ready to begin the work necessary to change the world, but without a crystal clear ideal to work towards we will never get to our promise land. Without taking a look at principles and philosophies that could work us into a better mindset, which will change our direction, we have no hope for change. It would be crazy to assume that the ways of our ancestors and parents would work for us, when we can clearly see the effects on our minds, bodies, environment, relationships, spirituality, and emotional states.We can see those effects on Sunday afternoons during football games, or onFriday nights in any bar across the country, or in front of the Television any day during the week. We don’t have to wait to see the results of the past, and those philosophies, because today we have an over populated, over medicated,and under creative society that thrives off of ignorance and addiction. Before we can determine “how” to move forward, we must determine “what” needs to change and “why” we are going to do it. Before we can have an apparent action plan, we must know why we are working so hard to make the future better. And finally, before we can begin to determine our “why”, we must ask the question, “Why not”.


Why not change the world? Why not try to reverse the ills that we see? Why not dedicate our lives to a higher ideal?Why not support our fellow man? Why not create a better world for the children that are coming after us? Why not tell the generations of old that their lives of debt, destruction, and political corruption are over?


When we ask the question “WhyNot”, we realize our responsibility in this world and we can start to take positive action.  When we do, we can take full inventory of the risks involved, so that when we make definite intention of action, we are fully aware of the challenges that face us.


There is one thing, dear reader, thatI don’t want you to read this book for. Under no circumstance will I allow myself to answer the question “How”. I don’t believe that a single voice is capable of answering the question that will produce the best action. I am 100% convinced that the only thing that will make this country, and therefore this world, better is positive action by the greater part of our generation. I have seen the effects of the elevation of men to station, and how that position of authority corrupts totally. I will not expose myself to the torment of hypocrisy that lives in the hearts of the men and women we call leaders. In my humble opinion there are very few people capable of calling themselves “leaders” with a straight face within our public,corporate, or social spheres of influence.


Please also take note of a few other things. I will never ask you to stop being who you are. I am not asking you to change what you like or how you feel about life. I am not going to ask you to be a “hippie” or “nerd” or “new ager” or anything else that describes groups of people. I want nothing more for you to be happy and healthy. I want you to have a philosophy that is consistent. I sincerely want and desire that we change this world through our independent action, and community spirit of positive progression. I want you to be free of having to fit into another person’s definition. I want you to imagine yourself IN this new reality. I want you to create for yourself, an ideal so real in your mind,which it must come out into reality. I want a world to live in, where we all can pursue our passions, and use our gifts to better ourselves and to help those around us. There isn’t a shred of compulsion intended in this book, and I apologize in advance for any statement that may seem as such.

Throughout the book I will use concepts, words, and various traditions of philosophy and religions to highlight key discussion points that I am seeking to make. The point here is not be make you agree with any particular religion, but to highlight wisdom found in the truth of the message, which is completely devoid of religious traditionalism and doctrine. I will use these words in order to serve two main purposes. First, it is important to use language that is culturally accepted and commonly known in order to stabilize the total message of the book.Additionally, it is to offer common phrases that will accentuate the ideas into small slogans that will make the wisdom easy to share. I hope that message is clear, and that no one takes offense to my use or application of sacred wisdom passed down through our history.


Also, throughout this book, I will recommend a variety of other books, which I believe highlight the lessons outlined in this book, with more fullness of detail and style. So many authors have inspired me, both past and present, of our generation and of those before,which I feel it would be inauthentic to keep those from you the reader. Each book that I recommend I have read and have extrapolated my own thoughts from their initial intentions, or I have taken their philosophies and adapted them to fit our timeframe and social references.


So, I want us to take a look at the risks involved in this endeavor. Let’s take ownership of our futures. Our work will not be quick, it will not be immediate, but we will succeed. There is noway that we cannot succeed in changing our lives, ‘fore if we do not, there is no guarantee that we will last even a portion of this century without killing ourselves off, or our environment. No risk is too great for a worthy cause, butt here is more risk in inaction then there is in changing our ways. Let’s discuss this. We are now a generation that questions rather than accepts.


Change your action and you change your future. Change your mind and you change your reality. If a small group of our generation does both, then we will change the world. 

This is a preview and part of the preface to a book that I am writing “Generation Y-not. It is a book of non-fiction, designed to provide philosophies and critical analytical approaches in order to arm the Generation Y with tools to make a change and a stand. My purpose is to use motivation, emotions, and knowledge to fill our generation with passion and desire to finally change how we are conducting ourselves. Please share this and spread the word. A new websites is being made specifically for this in the very near future. Any volunteered support would greatly be accepted, and you will be featured in the rear of the book. Thank you for stopping by. :)

We are going to change the World!

Here is my personal Bio and future, for anyone that wants to know. You have been asking, so I will tell.

I was born in Frederick, Maryland on April 2, 1984, and my childhood was a mix of painful and joyous experiences, but many challenges that have made me the driven man that I am.

I graduated from Frederick High School in 2002 as a loving and charismatic student and young adult. During these years I learn about my love of social interactions and love for wonderful people.

I joined the Marine Corps in 2002, instead of pursuing a childhood dream of playing college football. My choice was based out of fear of my future if I pursued football, and my personal reaction to 9-11. During those for year, until 2006, I was a Chemical responder who responded to CBRN events at an impressive unit in the field. During these years I learned the value of trust and camaraderie.

In 2006 I began working on a program supporting the Marine Corps Chemical response field and discovered my talent for speaking to groups of people, both large and small.

In 2009 I began working within the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, where I gathered more valuable experience in government organization, research and analyst, training and personal development, and leadership. I supported many military and government exercises related to response to terrorist and large scale Chem/ bio attacks.

From 2009 to 2012 I attended George Mason University, Majoring in Global Affairs. Within that degree program I learned two valuable lessons. First I learned how truly profound active dedication can change your life and control your focus. Second, I learned the value of PERTINENT education. In these years I uncovered information about world markets, the effects of the global economy and politics on people, and how every community is shaped by events in history and their own cultural reflections of that history. I focused my studies on the Middle East and North Africa, and during my senior year at Mason, I was able to analyze the “Arab Spring/ Uprising” from an interesting perspective. I got to see first-hand how revolution and change can spread, as well as a how a lack of a definite path can stall each movement out.

During many of these years I concentrated almost all of my free time studying world religions, philosophy, spiritual movements and various theories on these topics and the effects they have on the minds of men and women today. During this time I created a relatively well known blog, actually two, focusing on my findings over the years. Late in 2009 I created a YouTube channel, of which I recorded over 300 videos in a variety of topics, with nearly 600 subscribers and over 84,000 video views. I have since removed those videos; however I will continue to create valuable content on the channel in the future.

In 2014 I relocated from the DC area to California after much reflection of my life and goals. After a 4 month sabbatical I returned to the work force, back to one of the programs that I supported the Marine CBRN field on previously. During this time, all of the years of education, spiritual searching, and challenges a light bulb went off in my brain and heart that set my path straight and renewed my motivations to improve the world. The challenges of life, my utter hatred for the “workforce”, and lives of slavery by money and political powers, compelled me to decide to make certain moves away from this lifestyle, towards a more unique and rewording path.

It is my intent to do a number of things within this life. I plan on building and running no less than 5 businesses, all of which I will practice the art of leadership and automation of plans. I plan on being a motivational speaker and eventually a public figure, which will be known as the voice of our generation and will be a spokesman of liberty and peace in the world. I plan on starting a political party to finally beat the shit out of both the republicans and democrats, who I believe are a cancer to our society and are a nuisance to the progress of our generation. I plan on making 100 million dollars by August 1, 2017, through my businesses, and then while I run for public offense or speak openly about the other candidates I will not take a single dime from special interests or corporations. I plan on starting a movement where people move to and create sustainable communities that are completely off grid, ushering in a “Green Revolution” in which every city in the United States will become “Green Zones”. I will promote the Philosophy of Liberty, and work to destroy the limitations that hundreds of year of corrupt politics has placed on our society. I plan on starting a yearly “Peace Festival” where all walks of life are welcome and celebrate our unity and diversity, a place where we can come together and talk about solutions to problems that we all face collectively. I plan on reversing the effects of the past generations mistakes, and keeping their ingenuity. I will do all of this by remaining positive and responsive to the needs of us all. Additionally I WILL ensure that every person that hears the call of Change KNOWS that their small acts of courage will produce fruits of Peace and Growth in our world.

There are a lot of people out there, around me, and that know me from the past that do not like or understand my journey. They do not think that change is possible. They do not wish to struggle for an ideal. I say to each of those people, “Stand by” and wait, because just as sure as you are reading this, I am certain that the dreams that I have are a reality. Just because you cannot see them, or feel their effect, does not make that reality non-existent.

I have no choice, you have no choice, we have no choice but to make this come to light, else I should die trying. Period.

It is not the journey of a man that makes him what he is, it is the fruits of the efforts he puts forth, which come from the lessons and wisdom that he has allowed all of his experiences to teach him.

Peace and Blessings. :)

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Me in San Diego. Loving Life

Check out my Mohawk! LOL10406714_10154235477140089_7048030375515790795_n






My Story Began Many Years Ago, But today……….

The story began many years ago in a town called Frederick, MD in April of 1984, but we pick up on May 2, 2014 in San Diego, California moments before sunset.

Our hero is riding a 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Slim that he has recently purchased and which has 1700 miles on it exactly at this point. It is a classic styled bike, similar to the one’s bobbed out in the 1950′s and before, a Charcoal Grey beauty, fixed with our rider perched comfortably in the saddle as if were made for him. The weather, well let’s just say that it is typical San Diego Bliss. For those of you reading who are not in the know, it is 75 degrees with a very low relative humidity, low winds, and gorgeous scenery of palm trees and desert plants mixed with flowers and manicured roadways.

Riding at 75 miles per hour, he rides into the caressing wind, without a care in the world. No cars within a half of a mile in front of behind him, he is relax and exhilarated. Just months ago he did not think it was possible for so many dreams to come true. He didn’t realize at the time that his desires for change and growth and positive living was within grasps. He didn’t know then, but realizes now that all the prayers of his life have been met, that all his dreams and far reaching imaginings for himself by 30 has been accomplished and given to him by a magical force that seems to govern the whole game of life. He realizes at that very moment in time that miracles and hope and dreams are in fact realities. He feels gratitude for living and riding. He feels love for others and his environment. He absolutely appreciates everything of his past and his present and his future.

Cruising on the I-5 Northbound about 1.5 miles from the Delmar exit, our man happens to glance to the left with astonishment. Between two hills, a large opening emerges that stretches out to the coast and over the ocean. The opening allows the most magnificent sunset over the Pacific Ocean and the outlying beach. The sun sits poised over the entirety of the view, perfectly nestled precisely in the center of the large gap. It sits radiant, bright orange and glowing, beckoning the eyes and gazes towards it. The sky is cleaned of cloud and blemish, piercingly clear and crisp. The ocean looks expansive and soothing. It glistens and sparks, but the sparkles that is dotted in it look like fireworks dancing off an ice rink hanging from the clouds.

He Gasps, tries to catch his breath, freezes at the sight and feels his spirit rise to the highest points of the atmosphere. Time freezes. At that second, everything changes. Everyone that is reading this is with him in an enormous amphitheater, but there are no seats, there is no stage, there aren’t even faces. It is just the fully loving presence of everyone and everything that comes together to allow us all to experience that moment and moments like them in the future. There are at least 1 million souls present, but the count doesn’t matter because the energy of this space is prestine. In this place are workers of love and passion, people dedicated to making the world a better place for their children and grandchildren, born and not currently thought about. All the souls are staring into this amazing setting, at peace and in complete unity. Each soul feels the connection to each other and feels the pull of compassion for the culmination. Each of them feel in harmony with the purpose of living and the energy that allows each to be, to reflect, and to imagine separateness. Each soul is in full submission to the enjoyment of life and the magnificence of this current reality. SNAP!

Time continues. Slowly our guy opens his eyes from a blink and sees the glorious picture in motion.Relaxed, he takes a breath and breathes in happiness, he releases and thinks “Thank you”. He repeats and takes in gratitude. He breathes in Peace. He breathes in Hope. He breathes in Joy. He blinks.

The whole future is laid out, but he cannot place his experiences in time. Quickly he get flashes. Bright flashes, as if a light is being turned on and off on his reality. A flash, three kids and a smiling wife. A flash, a home where he feels entirely safe with a whole community of healthy and thriving families. His home is built into the ground, containing two floors, but build into a hill. His home has a large deck, and is lined with solar panels facing south. His view from the top floor and deck are of the expanse of the forest and lands to the south. His view from the lower level is off his indoor garden with tropical fruits and plants growing, with the window facing out to the yard that is a garden more than 6 feet high in places that is created from all edible foods. A Flash. He owns and manages 5 companies, one of which brands his name, and is the creator of two non-profit that focus on reinforcing sustainability and child development in the new future created by his generation. A Flash. He is publicly speaking, in a motivational tone, to the Y generation and explaining the steps for the future, he is met with standing ovation and smiles and turns to walk off the stage. A Flash. He draft a generation Y contract voluntarily unifying all of his generation’s countrymen who have signed it. It was the first A-Political development movement to change the trajectory of the country. A Flash. He is sitting in Paris. A Flash. He adopts two children. They feel like family immediately and there bond is sealed. He calls them his “Younger’s”. They learn from him that regardless of life’s circumstances that they have the power to change it, and that no matter what there is some human somewhere that will help them accomplish their goals if they truly want help. A Flash. He is on his death bed at age 94, surrounded by his family and friends. He feels no pain and is completely ready to change gears. His eyes open.

He releases his dreams and goals into the air with his next breath. He wakes from his dreams and is elated! He opens his chest to the scene, keeping one hand on the throttle to maintain speed. The wind cut passed his body and wraps around him in an embrace. He smiles. He pumps his fist in the air. He doesn’t know what else to do.

He faces the front of Stella, that wonderful Harley Slim, and he twist the throttle towards him. He picks up speed to exit on the coming opportunity.

He rides home down the I-5, and takes his dog for a quick walk. He feeds her. He sits down and opens his internet browser. He opens http://www.wordpress.com. He goes to his link at http://www.teddy3indc.com. He types. “The Story begins……..”


Charles “Teddy” Galloway

5-2-2014, completed 9:05 PM PST

San Diego, California

Stell G – Harley Davidson Softail Slim, 2014


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