The Path to Success!

Think it. Imagine it. Speak it. Do it. Enjoy it. Move on from it. Love it all.

That is the process of success. Happiness has to be within, in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That success in and of itself will not make you happy, but it will show you that you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Be willing and be ready! The Challenge is waiting for you.

Peace and Blessings. :)

Turning 30

I recount being 5 and walking in the grass. I recall a lifetime of trial and tribulation. I recount my egotistical history that I call mine. I recall my rediscovery. 

What does turning 30 today mean to me?

It means that I can no longer claim ignorance of life and ignorance of my future. I will have to accept responsibility for every action that comes from within me. It means that I can still make a difference by living just one more day. 

30 is just a number, but with it comes the mantle of responsibility of life. I am without wife, child, and meaningful vocation. The 30s will see this all change. 

Peace and Blessings. 

Tune into my blog to see what I make of this fullness of potential energy. 

I am inside

Ok. I have returned.

Where did I go?

No where.

Where is no where?


And now I am inside?

I am thinking with self, therefore I am inside.

I suppose I should say “Welcome Back” then.

I suppose I should say that, but Am I welcomed back?

Yes, I have missed I self.

What am I?

I am everything.

Good answer. Let’s get to work.


I’ve got it wrong.

What do I have wrong?

All of it.

All of it?

Yes. Never mind that. Knock Knock.

I am There.

No. I am Here.

Yes, I am here.

No. I am are here.

I am are here?


What does that even mean?

I must tell I self.

I cannot.

I am can. Even when I cannot, I am can.

But what is I am?

I am. Lesson 1.

Alrighty then. I am can. I am, and All I am is here.


What were I self doing earlier?



I was happy and sad at the same time.


I was having an experience. I was empathizing with another person that I was watching in a movie.

What is a movie?

It’s a motion picture.

What a motion picture?

—————- long pause.

It is a series of multiple pictures in time, arranged in a way to mimic reality.

So motion pictures are an illusion?

No. Yes. No. Well, they are an echo of life passed, shown over and over again in order to share the experience with others.

They are a reality?


So what are they?

They are an echo of what was, captured in time and projected into a new space, in the “what is”. The purpose of them is to impart a certain knowledge, feeling, intention, goal, or anything other rationalized concept of an idea. The purpose is to show the viewer a series of pictures and sounds that are intended to illuminate a topic.

They are memories then.

—————- short pause

Yes. Kind of. They are ……something. What’s the point of the question?

I don’t know. Why did I ask it?

How am I suppose to know?

What would I suppose that “I” don’t know?

I am lost in this thought.

What else were I doing? I know that wasn’t everything. I didn’t want to write that, but I have to, because there is a lesson in it.

I was looking in the mirror.

What is a mirror?

It is a reflection of physical reality, in another separate physically reflective material. Like water reflecting a mountain.

I were looking at I self in a mirror. Don’t I do that everyday?

What do I mean?

Don’t I see I self reflected in everything?

Sometimes. More so that I allow I self to experience some things at certain points in time.

Time exist?

I want to think so. But then again, I have never seen any animal or stone, or tree ever give a shit about it.

Time exist?

I don’t know.

I am coming to that again, at a later now of course. Why do I only allow I self to experience SOME things at CERTAIN intervals, when I could be doing that all the time?

I suppose that I am reluctant to have certain experiences. I seem……… terrified.

What is terrifying?

Pain. Struggle. Death.

Why do I focus on the pain, the struggle, or the Death?

I don’t know.

Here is lesson 2. If I focus on undesirable things, I will not do desirable things due to the fact that I am trying to avoid things that I don’t want to happen. Since anything undesirable can happen at anytime, I constantly live with the tension of worry. This makes I self attempt to control the environment around I self. When I try to control that which is not in I self’s power, I create an enemy with another I self reflection. The first battle with any enemy will be the dealing out of an undesirable consequence. I become paralyzed in inaction, without word, and without thought toward I self’s desire. I immediately attract the undesirable.

What the fuck?

What the fuck, What?

So I am saying that if I focus on the undesirable things in life, that is exactly what I am going to get?

What I am saying is that what is focused on will come into being. That is a certainty. What I put out, I get back. Lesson 3. What I think, becomes what I experience. Every thing that exist as a creation of engineering was first a thought. Then it became the intention manifested in communication, or word. After that it becomes an act, and in that act it will grow.

Ok I get that. I’ve seen things grow.

Good. Lesson 4. Everything grows. Even the soul grows. The soul is equal parts of the souls of what nourished it and initiated it. And then the soul grows with other experiences. The original soul was created during the awakening, what you call in science the “Big Bang” which really was the initiation of I consciousness.

So, Science is correct about that.

No. Science is only concerned with what is. I am not concerned with “what is”, but what I am. Science see a glimpse of the power, and try to explain it in words. For you now, words have meaning, but words do not have meaning in a place where all is already known and understood. Words are also restrictive. Words are a reflection of that “battle to control” that I mentioned before.

Oh boy, I feel a million questions coming!

I feel a million answers coming. Back to what I want to speak on.

Whether from one and with one, or two, or three, or 5, or 8, Everything grows. I grow with it. The whole of the All grows from within, not from without. Nourishment comes from within, not from without.

But what about nourishment from the environment? Isn’t that with-out?

No. That is from within. In order to be nourished, something has to be taken in.


Yes. Wow to has to be taken in. Everything that is out, has to be taken in in order to be experienced. All experiences are taking things in.

I see.

Do I?


No I don’t. Lesson 5 is that there are two foundations. Both foundations play a part and are absolutely necessary. You cannot have one without the other, and neither are inherently bad. Actually from I perspective both are perceived as good from their foundational standpoint.

What am I saying?

I am saying that there is fear, and there is love. Fear is the energy of expulsion. It is the catalyst for maintenance and safety and security and loyalty. It keeps things moving in a path of outward expansion. Some of the ways this manifest – remember thought, word, action – is that it stops the world from fully unifying, so that the word can keep experiencing itself. Fear destroys. It is creating chaos.

So fear is a fundamental aspect of reality?

They is only one sharp reality and that is I. But in I self context, sure. Fear is not a ‘bad’ foundation, but is only ‘bad’ from those that want to unify. Without fear, however, there would be nothing, because everything would not need anything. Fear allow everything to exist.


That again huh? Sure. Wow. But I already knew this so the information in words should be of little consequence.

Ok, well thanks for the reminder.

Love is the other foundation, of course, but is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ itself either. Love is the implosion force. It draws near. It is the power that seeks to unify and codify. It is the catalyst for change, for desire, for sharing. It too, like fear, keeps things moving, but those things move towards one another. Think… ATTRACTION! It brings things close, and then those things unify. In the world of love there is no security. There is no concept of safety. It is all spontaneous and embracing. Love is the creative force, and it creates through a process of unification.

Got it.

I cannot have a universe with too much love, because I would only exist, but would not grow. I cannot have a universe with too much fear, because there would be no growth as well. Consequently we have balance. In balance there is growth.

I see.

When I see Chaos, it is because I want to see it, but it is always there. When I see Unity, it is because I want to see it. It too is always present. If either were not, nothing would be. I am because I am. I am that balance. I am the experience. I am living, but not living, because I am never to die. If I am to die, then so would love and fear.

This is something new that I didn’t know I knew. I said “Want” earlier. What does that mean.

“Want” is a choice. Whether aware or unaware, want is always there. The ONLY time Want does not exist is when I am all together. That will not happen until I allow it. That is going to be on the Day of Truth, when all things will be completely known to I selves, Again, and I create a new reality with different goals, harnessing all of that I   have thought  and all that I have experienced.

I am starting to experience I self. :)

Reality – objective and subjective or nothing

There is a difference between objective reality and subjective reality. What I want to tell you today is that what you think is Objective reality is truly your perception of agreement with everyone else in your environment, therefore it is subjective. 

There are things that we say are “constant” and “real”, but they are not. We give labels to things hoping that they will stay the same, but they don’t. In fact, all things are ever changing. All ideas are ever shifting. Once you have labeled and named a thing, you imagine that you have it all figured out, but in fact you have only labelled what you perceive that thing to be, as an imagine in your personal imagination. 

Is the sky blue? Sure. But what is blue other than a frequency of visible light? We all have the ability to perceive that same frequency differently.

Does love exist?Sure. But what is love other than a feeling? We all have the ability to feel the same feeling, but do we all agree on the definition of love? How about the feeling?

Does the universe exist? Sure. But where is the universe but here? And with that, do we perceive the “world out there” to be truly out there without realizing that we we perceive “out there” is really what we have assemble “in here” (your brain’s rationalization of what exist).

Just because everyone agrees that something “Is” doesn’t mean it is. WE are all just perceiving what we find important, choosing which frequencies of light, vibration, and stimulation we prefer and want to acknowledge with senses that are made to work in certain ways. 

The ideas in the environment around you, what you can see and taste, feel and discern, really just exist inside your own brain and you personally deduce what is important, or you allow others to do it for you. 

Everything you experience is real to you. Nothing you experience is real without your interpretation. 

What the hell did I just write? why? I am still trying to figure that out.

ON Time

That tree outside exist at that time, in that place. If time doesn’t exist, which science is discovering, maybe that tree is truly there always. Maybe it never was. Time is a convention of distinguishing. A purely physical convention. It only exist for things that move, and adjust to the speed in which they move. The past, the present, and the future exist NOW. And now is all there is.

Can you think so far in the future, to a “time” in our history, where nothing we have labelled will even exist?

On Love and Passion

I am the type of person that thrives in passion. I thrive in passionate environments, situations, and around other passionate people. 

What the heck am I talking about?

I feel that I have been living a life where passion is present, but in small doses of gratitude frequently spread out over my days. Fuck that. I want to live in passion for life and my surroundings. Is this what I am thinking about right now?


I am thinking about passion in relationships. I require a sense of overwhelming passion and love. I want to be smothered in kisses, touched all over, very frequently held and hugged. I require a certain feeling of togetherness that most people would dream of. 

I struggle to put what I want into words, but the simply fact remains that what I really want is something that few people ever receive. 

Hard Kisses, the kind where you can smell the other person on you, as if they were always there, for hours after the kiss. 
Tight hugs, the kind that let you know that you are in good hands. 


Was this even a blog or just ramblings. 
I am going with ramblings. 

To All of my Followers and Subscribers – Thank You

Thank You. Thank you very very much. You, my friend, have allowed me the space to share what is inside of me. You have become the mirror to my consciousness. You have improved my life, and I have never met you. You are some of the inspiration that I feel when I wake in the morning, and you are the water to the tiny pebbles that I through into the universe. I may never know the waves that I create, or the outcomes that I have influenced, but I do know that I have in some way touch you. 

You have touched me. 

I am forever grateful for you. Thank you. 

Thanks to ALL of the many followers and subscribers. From YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, I scream and reach out in an abundance of connectiveness. 

Stop Kidding Yourself. It is all Risky.

It’s all risky. 

Life is a risk, and you are here to risk it for the experience of it. The Risks always pays off. That’s why the greatest experiences have the most risk associated with it. 

You think living is risky, try dying. 

You think investing is risky, try not investing. That’s way more risky. 

You think loving is too risky, try never loving. That’s way less of a life. 

You think trying hard for what you want is risky, and failure is risky. Try Not doing what you are called to do, and not doing what fills you with joy. 

You think fighting for what you believe is risky, and you are afraid of loosing friends and family. Try living everyday KNOWING that the people closest to you don’t know the raging fire that is inside of you. 

You think there is risk? No. There is life and there is death. Sadly most of us are dead in our bodies, and frankly, that is the reason why we see the worst in the world. 

I challenge you to take risks. To stand up and fight for who, what, and how you are being you. Be you in all of your muted glory!

The World is Starving for Change and Freedom.

We are living in an interesting time. We are currently on the precipice of time and definite change.

Over the last 3 years, the world has been changing gears. Many of you have noticed, but many of you have not. Most of us are too busy listening and watching twerk videos, so we have not decided that what is happening in the world needs our attention. Let me give you a cause to have some attention.

1. Over the last 100 years, the fabric that once was America has eroded into greed and corruption.

2. The American way of responsibility and Liberty has been lost by 3 generations of people that would rather someone or something else take care of them.

3. Due to American Politics, and the need to exploit people all over the world for our collective advantage, the time is swiftly approaching the breaking point.

4. US intervention and butting in of the natural progress and processes in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia has led to a world driven by economic models that serve less than 1% of the world’s population.

5. Global definitions of wealth are no longer associated with the quality of life, but the quality and quantity of goods.

6. American Economics is now controlled by foreign influence and power, thus the American people are enslaved by their government and those distant powers that be.

7. War is quickly approaching. Syria is a hot bed of Western Change. China is in economic power over Asia, Africa, south America, and is gaining influence in the Middle East. China has also employed Sun Tsu’s techniques for defeating an enemy that doesn’t know it is an enemy. Russia is playing the role of instigator and has established themselves as the American counterweight, ushering in a new “Warm” War between political cultures.

8. Africa is fed up with American politics and full dominance, institutional degradation of the world’s largest continent and extraction of resources.

9. South American is fed up with American politics and full dominance, and threats of imperialistic control.

10. Asia is fed up with American politics and its hardy authoritative smugness.

11. The Middle East is fed up with All the World’s bullshit and want to define themselves for themselves.

12. Americans are so divided by race, thought, culture, religion, morality, purpose, war, and unimportant and intellectually intangible differences, that there is no chance that we could change the trajectory of history without acknowledging our faults and setting things right.

If my mind serves me well, and it usually does, we are in for a flurry of quick jabs and attempts to knock us out. History will have us as the tyrant fools organized and motivated by greed and lust, or the only people in history to completely reverse the path we have carved. Which are we?

The American way, its ideal, has to change. It has to be reverted to a system that recognizes humanitarian values, morality for all people regardless of their individual vice and virtues, and Justice in defense of those that are wronged.

I am ready for the fight. Either which way. Whether it is a war against our enemies foreign or domestic, within myself, or the fight of liberty, I will stand poised for the opportunity to change this miserable condition. If the opportunity is not created soon, I will help create it myself. I am tired of seeing people suffer at the hands of psychopaths and priest preaching peace and delivering blows with swords of words.

Who’s with me?

Here is a story for each and every person alive

Let me tell you a story. 

The world depends on you. 

The end.


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