We are going to change the World!

Here is my personal Bio and future, for anyone that wants to know. You have been asking, so I will tell.

I was born in Frederick, Maryland on April 2, 1984, and my childhood was a mix of painful and joyous experiences, but many challenges that have made me the driven man that I am.

I graduated from Frederick High School in 2002 as a loving and charismatic student and young adult. During these years I learn about my love of social interactions and love for wonderful people.

I joined the Marine Corps in 2002, instead of pursuing a childhood dream of playing college football. My choice was based out of fear of my future if I pursued football, and my personal reaction to 9-11. During those for year, until 2006, I was a Chemical responder who responded to CBRN events at an impressive unit in the field. During these years I learned the value of trust and camaraderie.

In 2006 I began working on a program supporting the Marine Corps Chemical response field and discovered my talent for speaking to groups of people, both large and small.

In 2009 I began working within the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, where I gathered more valuable experience in government organization, research and analyst, training and personal development, and leadership. I supported many military and government exercises related to response to terrorist and large scale Chem/ bio attacks.

From 2009 to 2012 I attended George Mason University, Majoring in Global Affairs. Within that degree program I learned two valuable lessons. First I learned how truly profound active dedication can change your life and control your focus. Second, I learned the value of PERTINENT education. In these years I uncovered information about world markets, the effects of the global economy and politics on people, and how every community is shaped by events in history and their own cultural reflections of that history. I focused my studies on the Middle East and North Africa, and during my senior year at Mason, I was able to analyze the “Arab Spring/ Uprising” from an interesting perspective. I got to see first-hand how revolution and change can spread, as well as a how a lack of a definite path can stall each movement out.

During many of these years I concentrated almost all of my free time studying world religions, philosophy, spiritual movements and various theories on these topics and the effects they have on the minds of men and women today. During this time I created a relatively well known blog, actually two, focusing on my findings over the years. Late in 2009 I created a YouTube channel, of which I recorded over 300 videos in a variety of topics, with nearly 600 subscribers and over 84,000 video views. I have since removed those videos; however I will continue to create valuable content on the channel in the future.

In 2014 I relocated from the DC area to California after much reflection of my life and goals. After a 4 month sabbatical I returned to the work force, back to one of the programs that I supported the Marine CBRN field on previously. During this time, all of the years of education, spiritual searching, and challenges a light bulb went off in my brain and heart that set my path straight and renewed my motivations to improve the world. The challenges of life, my utter hatred for the “workforce”, and lives of slavery by money and political powers, compelled me to decide to make certain moves away from this lifestyle, towards a more unique and rewording path.

It is my intent to do a number of things within this life. I plan on building and running no less than 5 businesses, all of which I will practice the art of leadership and automation of plans. I plan on being a motivational speaker and eventually a public figure, which will be known as the voice of our generation and will be a spokesman of liberty and peace in the world. I plan on starting a political party to finally beat the shit out of both the republicans and democrats, who I believe are a cancer to our society and are a nuisance to the progress of our generation. I plan on making 100 million dollars by August 1, 2017, through my businesses, and then while I run for public offense or speak openly about the other candidates I will not take a single dime from special interests or corporations. I plan on starting a movement where people move to and create sustainable communities that are completely off grid, ushering in a “Green Revolution” in which every city in the United States will become “Green Zones”. I will promote the Philosophy of Liberty, and work to destroy the limitations that hundreds of year of corrupt politics has placed on our society. I plan on starting a yearly “Peace Festival” where all walks of life are welcome and celebrate our unity and diversity, a place where we can come together and talk about solutions to problems that we all face collectively. I plan on reversing the effects of the past generations mistakes, and keeping their ingenuity. I will do all of this by remaining positive and responsive to the needs of us all. Additionally I WILL ensure that every person that hears the call of Change KNOWS that their small acts of courage will produce fruits of Peace and Growth in our world.

There are a lot of people out there, around me, and that know me from the past that do not like or understand my journey. They do not think that change is possible. They do not wish to struggle for an ideal. I say to each of those people, “Stand by” and wait, because just as sure as you are reading this, I am certain that the dreams that I have are a reality. Just because you cannot see them, or feel their effect, does not make that reality non-existent.

I have no choice, you have no choice, we have no choice but to make this come to light, else I should die trying. Period.

It is not the journey of a man that makes him what he is, it is the fruits of the efforts he puts forth, which come from the lessons and wisdom that he has allowed all of his experiences to teach him.

Peace and Blessings. :)

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